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Training Program


Pure Ballers approach to everything is holistic. To be the best player possible, we believe in training the mind, body, and soul of the student-athlete.

Basketball is a simple game but becoming a player is not. We believe student-athletes need desire, conditioning, character, and a sound belief system to be successful. We teach students to take responsibility for the player that they become. We also recognize that they cannot reach their potential without assistance.

We target 3 main areas of growth for each client



Basketball is much of a mental sport than it is physical. Athletes can be physically gifted but without understanding nuances of the game many of them fall short of their potential. We combat this with different on the court and off the court techniques. 


Athletes often compensate for their weakness by relying on their strengths. We look to increase weakness while teaching athletes how to control their strengths.


Athletes need to have an equilibrium where the game is important but not everything. Players need to play the game with grace. How an athlete wins and loses is a big part of how far he or she will go in their career.

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