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Academic & NCAA Eligibility


Of 555.305 H.S. basketball players, shows only 3.4% will play in college, 1% will go D1, 1% D2 and 1.4% D3. What they fail to report is how many H.S. players miss their college opportunity due to eligibility issues. The court is only half of the game!

Our consulting is personal. We are here to make sure that student-athletes and parents systematically work through their academics so that they might be in the best place possible for scholarship recruitment.

We specialize in 3 main areas of focus you can choose from:

College Student


We help parents and student-athletes prepare academically for recruitment to play sports at the next level. This includes but is not limited to full transcript evaluations.

College Planning

Our goal is to get our student-athletes scholarships, either academic or athletic. We guide each individual on creating a list and plan towards accomplishing that goal.

Reclass Options

Understand what it truly means to reclass. We help student-athletes navigate options so that they have a full understanding of what decisions will be best for them to achieve their goals.

Educational Consulting Packages

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