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Pure Ballers is a premier athletic consulting service. Pure Ballers' mission is to expose students to different aspects and unique opportunities surrounding the game of basketball, resulting in spiritual and social development, college preparation, and scholarships.

We specialize in helping student-athletes obtain college scholarships through holistic counseling. Our company looks to help usher in the next generation of leaders by helping student-athletes take advantage of every opportunity available. We focus on strengthening student-athletes by nurturing their spiritual, academic, and physical growth. We are committed to every client and walk with students for however long they need, starting as early as the 5th grade. We meet every student-athlete where they are, no matter the school, the AAU program, or any other various outlets they are associated with. We believe our approach and methods work because it captures the true essence of a successful athlete. The Pure Ballers approach concerns itself with the whole student-athlete, not just the physical. 


We focus on the mind, body, and soul. This has proven successful!

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